Big Tent Auction: Philatelic, Americana, Mining, Numismatics--April 2020

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Day 1, April 16th, 2020 (Lots 1000-1754)
Native Americana
General Americana

Day 2, April 17th, 2020 (Lots 2000-2753)
Mining Equipment
Mining Artifacts & Ephemera
Stocks & Bonds
Firearms & Weaponry

Day 3, April 18th, 2020 (Lots 3000-3764)
Philatelic & Postal History
First Day
First Flight
Philatelic Covers & Postal History

Day 4, April 19th, 2020 (Lots 4000-4763)
Bargains & Dealer Specials

Welcome to our April Sale!

There’s a lot going on out there, and we’ve strived to find a way to keep operating in a safe and responsible manner. We incorporate all of the WHO recommendations, and then some. Our offices are cleaner and more sanitary than ever before, with sanitization cleanings up to four times per day! While most employees work at home, we also keep the 6-10 foot rule in place at the office. The result so far has been excellent, with a very healthy staff. Others around the country are not as lucky, and we strongly encourage following the WHO recommendations. We’ve been looking at a month, rather than 2 weeks. If it takes more, we’re “all in”.

This Auction!
This auction has another wide variety of outstanding collectibles in perhaps 30 collecting categories. Wow! Last sale we started with the John Reynolds Collection of California tokens, medals, shell cards and other Exonumia. This sale features more Reynolds tokens and his fabulous Aviation Mail (and California) Postal History Collection of more than 10,000 covers! As part of this collection, we offer his Pioneer Post Card Collection, a specialty of the earliest “picture post cards.”
Reynolds also had a major collection of Circus and Side Show photography and ephemera. We only split out some of it, such as the tokens, medals and scrip into individual lots. The bulk of the collection is so good, and of such excellent quality, inclusive of the personal collection of Nicu DeBarcsy (the most famous of the late 19th – early 20th dwarves), that we feel the collection needs to stay together as a whole – with thousands of photographs (CDV, Cabinet card, photo post cards) collected since the early 1960s, ending in about 1995 or so.
We continue with the marvelous Ken Prag Collection, and not to be outdone, we offer the Geoff Pollock Utah Mining Stock Certificate Collection in tact! More than 2000 pieces. It took Geoff more than thirty years to collect these pieces, highlighted by the fantastic 1864 Jordan Mining Co. stock signed by General Patrick Connor.
Our Art Department is ever-expanding, with this auction features a collection of wonderful Nevada artists plus many more.
The mining goods are also excellent, across the board, including part of the contents of a 1930’s assay lab! …and a mining library as a “unit” from a formerly producing mining company. And more large mining equipment from CMR Co.
A huge selection of costume jewelry is present from a southern California costume jewelry store that gave us their goods upon retiring. We remind everybody that our company is a great way to sell your inventories – the bigger the better!

Finding Your Collectibles
You’ll have fun perusing this catalog. There are great rarities in every section. As usual, we welcome calls and questions about lots. Need a better description? Just call or email us. Need help navigating? Just call! We’ve got simple ways of finding things, but sometimes we all need a little help to learn “the tricks.”

Here at Holabird, we are, in a way, your partners in Collecting. We bring you some of the most exciting collections to hit the market every year.
Many of these collections are life-long projects, painstakingly put together by careful collectors – like you. When its time to sell, consider us! We bring more to the marketplace than any other company. Imagine this- five live internet bidding platforms in use for most auctions, all carefully picked. In fact, we work with several of these advanced forums to help make them, us, and the auction experience better for you. We bring new collectors to the table each and every auction.
Buying on the internet is at an all time high, and we understand how and why – that’s why we do so much with our internet bidding platform “partners”. Even though we are under Covid-19 WHO and Nevada guidelines, we work to make the internet sale a successful experience. And that includes shipping – we sanitize the packages before they go out.

While we work our way through the pandemic, it is important to realize we can assist. Our internet doors remain open, and we provide a huge platform from which to sell collections. If its time to sell your treasured items, let us know. If you’re home cleaning out the house and storeroom, and forgot about Grandpa’s collection, and need revenue, call us! If you run a chain of stores, such as pawn shops or thrift stores, we can easily generate that much needed revenue. Our processing is fast – we process about 3,000 lots of all forms of antiques and collectibles every 60 days. Nobody in America can match this. Our sales performance is also unequalled. Give us a call today. We have representatives in many parts of the USA. If the collection warrants, I’ll come myself and help you evaluate and discuss how we can assist.
--Fred Holabird--

SHIPPING & HANDLING: Shipping is subject to a minimum charge of $19.00. Shipping and handling cannot be estimated prior to invoicing as it is based on the size and weight of your purchase. Additional shipping and handling costs, if required, will be re-invoiced for the balance due. Items are not shipped until the invoice is completely paid. Many buyers purchase a number of lots. Every effort will be made to include all lots in a single shipping charge calculated to cover the weight and size.SH...
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Civil War General Photographs (CDV) Fraternal Org - OBA "the Capture of a Girl Spy Part ii" Blazing 2780 - Civil War General Photographs (CDV) Fraternal Org - OBA "the Capture of a Girl Spy Part ii" Blazing
Holabird Western Americana Collections
8 x 10 black and white Civil War photo of 6 men and a soldier that appears to be a young , girl with no shoes disguised in a uniform with regiment ha
Bidding Has Concluded
Start Price : 150.00 | Estimates : 300.00 - 500.00
Buek Lithograph of Ogden Painting of Artillery, Infantry, Rifle, Dragoon, Cadet (1813-1816)  (1059302781 - Buek Lithograph of Ogden Painting of Artillery, Infantry, Rifle, Dragoon, Cadet (1813-1816) (105930
Holabird Western Americana Collections
Copyright 1885 by Brigadier General SB Holabird, Quartermaster General. BM Whitlock publisher. Lithograph by GH Buek. Original art by HA Ogden. Framed
Bidding Has Concluded
Estimates : 80.00 - 200.00
Sold to g*****h for (55.00 + 13.75) = 68.75
World War I Stereoviews  (114606)2782 - World War I Stereoviews (114606)
Holabird Western Americana Collections
Lot of 15 stereoviews of men and equipment in the First World War. U.S.S. Oregon, several from the Panama Canal, doughboys on the front lines, French
Bidding Has Concluded
Estimates : 100.00 - 200.00
Sold to 8********l.. for (60.00 + 15.00) = 75.00
World War II Internment in California Book Pair  (115242)2783 - World War II Internment in California Book Pair (115242)
Holabird Western Americana Collections
Lot of 2. 1) Una Storia Segreta: The Secret History of the Italian American Evacuation and Internment during World War II, Edited by Lawrence DiStasi
Bidding Has Concluded
Estimates : 40.00 - 60.00
Sold to 9***6 for (20.00 + 5.00) = 25.00
Aircraft Aerial Camera, US Army, c1935-42  (108932)2784 - Aircraft Aerial Camera, US Army, c1935-42 (108932)
Holabird Western Americana Collections
US Army metal tag "Camera, Aircraft", K-20. Patent records show the patent number on the Army tag was 1930. Comes with a Kodak "Koda...
Bidding Has Concluded
Estimates : 400.00 - 600.00
Sold to d*******f for (200.00 + 50.00) = 250.00
Binoculars, three pair of WW2 optics  (114446)2785 - Binoculars, three pair of WW2 optics (114446)
Holabird Western Americana Collections
This is a set of three pair war-time binoculars. The first pair is made by Carl Zeiss 6X30 Jena model Germany with leather case and straps. Exact date
Bidding Has Concluded
Estimates : 100.00 - 300.00
Sold to C*****r for (130.00 + 28.60) = 158.60
Nose Art "Pat" from Cpt. Michael Russo's plane  (108565)2786 - Nose Art "Pat" from Cpt. Michael Russo's plane (108565)
Holabird Western Americana Collections
This is nose art from Captain Michael Russo's plane presented in a show box 20 in. X 26 in. The art is a blond in a bathing suit "Pat"...
Bidding Has Concluded
Estimates : 600.00 - 1,600.00
Sold to d*******f for (425.00 + 106.25) = 531.25
US Regulation Army Bugle  (114690)2787 - US Regulation Army Bugle (114690)
Holabird Western Americana Collections
This is a US Army Rexcraft regulation bugle. No attempt has been made to clean or remove patination from this horn. It is marked "Rexcraft"...
Bidding Has Concluded
Start Price : 50.00 | Estimates : 100.00 - 200.00
World War II Go Home Notice  (113174)2788 - World War II Go Home Notice (113174)
Holabird Western Americana Collections
Cut letterhead from the American Expeditionary Forces, Office of the Commander-in-Chief. Typed message to departing officers of the AEF: "After...
Bidding Has Concluded
Estimates : 60.00 - 100.00
Sold to 8********l.. for (40.00 + 10.00) = 50.00
WW II Military Ephemera incl. USS Bracken  (113195)2789 - WW II Military Ephemera incl. USS Bracken (113195)
Holabird Western Americana Collections
Lot of 5. 1) Four USS Bracken (APA 64) items. Two copies of a booklet, "Now Hear There," from 1946 that describe the history of the boat a...
Bidding Has Concluded
Estimates : 60.00 - 100.00
Sold to a********1 for (5.00 + 1.25) = 6.25