Sizzling Summer Western Americana Auction (August 2021)

Auction Details

Welcome to our August 2021 sale, the "Sizzling Summer Western Americana Auction!"

Our August sale is full of “hot stuff” across the board, and features some of the best collections in their genre offered publicly in a long time.

*The “California” Collection of Native American Jewelry*
The California Native American jewelry collection includes nearly 400 lots of fine, artistic silver and turquoise jewelry from a major collection.

The group of Native American jewelry presented by Holabird Western Americana Collections, LLC, is from the collection of a long time California collector. Collecting over several decades, the collection features some incredible pieces—the main part of the collection is represented by bolos from Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico. There are also necklaces, bracelets, rings, belt buckles, and brooches. Much of this jewelry collection is “museum worthy art.”

The Zuni people are famous for their inlay—both mosaic inlay and channel inlay. The Zuni petit-point and needlepoint work in stones is just as well-known. The collection focuses on pieces from c1940s-60s. Some Zuni artists represented are: Dan Simplicio, Leo Poblano, Lambert Homer Sr., the Edaakies, Frank Vacit, Dexter Cellicion, Myra Tucson, Elliot Qualo, Annie Quam Gasper, Alonzo and Helen Hustito, Velma Lesansee, Horace Ilue, and many others. Most of the jewelry made before 1970 was not hallmarked. We have named the artists of each piece whenever possible, however, some are “attributed to,” and others we were unable to identify.

Many of the artists are presented in the books by Toshio Sei, published by Schiffer. Toshio Sei began collecting Zuni jewelry in 1993 and has written several books on the various forms of Zuni jewelry. Besides presenting the artists, he has done much research and gives detailed analyses that explain connections of artists and styles, thus giving us history and meanings for the pieces of jewelry. A number of the pieces offered here are illustrated in his books.

The “California” collection also includes jewelry from the Navajo, Santo Domingo Pueblo, and the Hopi. You will find amazing pieces of jewelry from all of these Native people and will have a difficult decision deciding on those to choose for your own collections!

For Western bolo tie collectors, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, with the largest sale of its kind ever held.

*The Western Collections*
We received two major collections containing outstanding items--both for their visual appeal and historical importance.

The first centers around Arizona and Colorado ephemera (19th century photos and documents) related to major mining camps, supplemented by gorgeous oil paintings of Native American and Western scenes by Douglas Rosa. One of our favorites from this collection is a framed photo of Tombstone prostitute “Amelia” (in classic prostitute attire) with her business license.

The second Western collection includes incredible military items (highlighted below), rare Western postcards, and a fantastic library including rare firearms references.

This section is phenomenal, highlighted by George Armstrong Custer’s holster and gun belt, which is accompanied by a long history. Added to this is a major collection related to the Mexican War and Pancho Villa, including a photo-diary by Arizona photographer Walter Horne. Of great interest will be the associated collections from the Prag Collection and others, rounding out a phenomenal section on the Civil War, Spanish American War, and both World Wars.

For the Firearm collector is a large library of historical books on guns, hunting and related, with some of the all-time key references. These complement a large collection of rare books. Exploration researchers will love the Arctic Exploration library and other early works on Western exploration.

*Ken Prag Collection*
Wow! There are three distinct parts of his collection in this sale: ephemera, postcards, and stocks.

First and foremost, most or all of the material is from his unsorted acquisitions for decades. We found amazing items here. Like the Bodie & Bridgeport Telegraph archive with a message about a failed robbery of the SF mint right after the earthquake!

There is a wealth of paper ephemera, particularly from California. The postcards (over 500 lots) are stunning, and among the best offered so far, with exceptionally rare views in both RPC and printed format. Large collections include California (incl. Tahoe and Yosemite) and Hawaii. Nearly every lot has great cards, and you won’t want to miss this opportunity. Pioneer cards? Hundreds of them. One of the sections we had the most fun with is the gaming section--postcards with a gaming or playing card theme. This collection is now in about 20 lots, comprised of hundreds of cards.

A large offering of foreign and US coins, medals, counters, and other exonumia. Includes a C. Bechtler Dollar; Carson City Mint morgans; a fantasy Wells Fargo & Co. Express, Goldfield Iron Strongbox; and a large selection of California and Western tokens and Good For mirrors (ex. Ron Lerch Collection).

*Other Highlights*
Stocks and Bonds: Another fantastic selection from
perhaps a dozen collections. Features rare Arizona pieces and foreign mining stocks from the Prag Collection.

Railroadiana: Another great batch of railroad passes from an incredible Western collection we have been selling over the past year and a half. Also, a rare Colorado railroad section, and a collection of Virginia & Truckee Railroad ephemera from the Prag Collection.

Auction Schedule

Day 1, Thursday, August 5th, 2021, Lots 1000-1605
*General Americana (Lots 1000-1605)
Geographic Sort (1000-1251)
World’s Fair & Expositions (1252-1286)
Gaming (1287-1311)
Bottles & Saloon (1312-1342)
Marbles & Toys (1343-1365)
Jewelry (1366-1421)
Clothing (1422-1452)
Music (1453-1465)
Miscellaneous incl. Photos, Furnishings, Ephemera (1466-1605)

Day 2, Friday, August 6th, 2021, Lots 2000-2596
*Transportation (2000-2153)
Railroad (2000-2119)
Aviation & Automobile (2120-2153)
*Philatelic (2154-2596)
Stamps & Covers (2154-2175)
Postcards (2176-2596)

Day 3, Saturday, August 7th, 2021, Lots 3000-3606
*Native Americana (3000-3387)
Jewelry (3000-3271)
Artifacts, Art, Baskets, Pottery (3272-3315)
Ephemera incl. Rare Photographs, Postcards, & Books (3316-3387)
*Military incl. Custer and Pancho Villa Collections (3388-3514)
Chronologically Sorted (Civil War, Spanish American, WWI, WWII, etc)
*Political (3515-3535)
*Firearms feat. Firearms & Weaponry Historical Books (3536-3606)

Day 4, Sunday, August 8th, 2021, Lots 4000-4606
*Cowboy & Western (4000-4040)
*Art (4041-4105)
*Mining (4106-4189)
*Stocks & Bonds (4190-4310)
*Numismatics (4311-4505)
*Tokens (4506-4606)

Day 5, Monday, August 9th, 2021, Lots 5000-5583
*General Books (5000-5072)
*Bargains & Dealer Specials (5073-5583)
General Americana (5073-5189)
Philatelic (5190-5408)
Stocks & Bonds (5409-5479)
Numismatics incl. Dies, Coins, Counters, & Tokens (5480-5583)
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European Hand Firearms by H. J. Jackson London Plus Others  [137520]3600 - European Hand Firearms by H. J. Jackson London Plus Others [137520]
Holabird Western Americana Collections
This over-sized book "European Hand Firearms" by Herbert j. Jackson 1923 is copy # 343, 1923 printing in London, photography is excellent,...
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Start Price : 50.00 | Estimate : 100.00 - 150.00
Selected Soviet Weapons and Equipment by S2 Intelligence   [136147]3601 - Selected Soviet Weapons and Equipment by S2 Intelligence [136147]
Holabird Western Americana Collections
This lot of seven books covers military weapons from around the world. The first book is "Selected Soviet Weapons and Equipment" by S2 In...
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Estimate : 50.00 - 100.00
Sold to 8***1 for (20.00 + 4.40) = 24.40
American Axes by Henry J. Kauffman  [136126]3602 - American Axes by Henry J. Kauffman [136126]
Holabird Western Americana Collections
This is the book of early axe manufacturers in America. A glossary of makers included. 147 pages dark gray cloth with gilded axe on the cover, 1972 ed
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Estimate : 60.00 - 120.00
Sold to m**********n for (25.00 + 6.25) = 31.25
Classic Bowies Knives by Robert Abels and his Bowie Collection   [135659]3603 - Classic Bowies Knives by Robert Abels and his Bowie Collection [135659]
Holabird Western Americana Collections
This lot contains two books: "Classic Bowies Knives" by Robert Abels and his paperback book "The Robert Abels Collection of Bowie Typ...
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Start Price : 40.00 | Estimate : 80.00 - 200.00
Knifemakers of Old San Francisco by Bernard Levine  [136120]3604 - Knifemakers of Old San Francisco by Bernard Levine [136120]
Holabird Western Americana Collections
"Knifemakers of Old San Francisco" by Levine is a well documented history of the knife and the craftsmen that built them from 1849 to 1900...
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Estimate : 80.00 - 120.00
Sold to M********y for (40.00 + 10.00) = 50.00
Knives, Swords and Daggers in Books  [136123]3605 - Knives, Swords and Daggers in Books [136123]
Holabird Western Americana Collections
This lot has five books on swords and daggers: "Swords & Daggers" by Frederick Wilkinson 1968, first American Edition with dust jacket...
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Start Price : 80.00 | Estimate : 160.00 - 200.00
Edged Cutlery in books  [137514]3606 - Edged Cutlery in books [137514]
Holabird Western Americana Collections
This lot has three books related to edged weapons and knives. "A Collection of U.S. Military Knives" by Cole, paperback 1968, worn corners...
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Start Price : 50.00 | Estimate : 100.00 - 200.00