Spring Americana Auction -- May 2019

Auction Details

Welcome to our May 2019 Sale!

This sale spans 5 days with 4,000 lots in nearly 20 collecting categories.


*KEN PRAG STOCK CERTIFICATE COLLECTION: This sale continues our sale of the Ken Prag American Stock Certificate Collection that we started offering back in 2014. This sale includes more great Western mining and railroad rarities including Alaska, Colorado, Nevada Territory, the Dakotas, Michigan, and Montana; early automobile and aviation; and non-mining or railroad pieces (such as hotels, banks, clubs, etc).

*COLORADO TERRITORY COLLECTION: We have received what we believe to be the finest Colorado Territory stock certificate collection in existence. Over 40 pieces are from the 1860s period! This private collection nicely compliments the Ken Prag Collection and also contains fabulous Colorado railroad rarities. For many of these pieces, we could find no record of them ever being offered at auction!

*ANTIQUE MARBLES: Nearly 200 lots with single rarities and larger groups of turn-of-the-century or before marbles, including figural sulphides, hand-painted clay marbles, colorful swirls, and more!

*NUMISMATICS: US & foreign gold coins & ephemera including a fabulous 19th-century silver coin belt plus two gigantic bullion scales from the Philadelphia Mint.

*TOKENS: Continuing the fabulous offering in our March token auction, this section features US & foreign brothel tokens.

*SPORTS: Three different baseball collections including rare autographs, cards, and other sports ephemera.

*POSTCARDS: Tens of thousands of postcards are featured in this auction from two key collections: the Native American Postcard Collection and the Salvatore Falcone Postcard Collection. Many real photo rarities plus larger groups, c.1906-1960s.

*GENERAL AMERICANA: Rare books, firefighting ephemera, World Fair & expositions, a Hawaii Collection (Ken Prag), rare Nevada ephemera from a prominent collection, and much more!

*WELLS FARGO & POSTAL HISTORY: Rare exchanges and checks, enameled signs, plus a fabulous Nevada Wells Fargo cover collection including great full cover advertising rarities such as Ophir and Star City!

MINING: Ephemera (maps, photos, books) and rare mining stocks from the Ken Prag Collection and the Colorado Territory Collection, plus a Minerals & Ore section that features an old high-grade collection out of the Tonopah area. Also a very rare original Virginia City Assayer's sign.

NATIVE AMERICANA & COWBOY: In addition to the fabulous Native American postcards, this section also has jewelry, baskets, and other collectibles.

BARGAINS & DEALER SPECIALS: Our entire 5th day is dedicated to this category of both large groupings ideal for resale or lower priced entry-level collectibles, spanning nearly ever collecting category in the rest of our sale.

Full Auction Schedule

Day 1, Thursday, May 16th, 2019 (Lots 1000-1839)
General Americana (1000-1467)
Assorted (Books, Fire, Postal History, Expo.) (1000-1083)
Geographical Sort (1084-1467)
Numismatics (1468-1574)
Books & Checks (1468-1481)
Coins (1482-1553)
Currency, Ingots, Medals, Scales (1554-1574)
Mining Part I (1575-1839)
Mining Artifacts & Books (1575-1604)
Stocks & Ephemera: ALASKA-CALIFORNIA (1605-1839)

Day 2, Friday, May 17th, 2019 (Lots 2000-2838)
Mining Part II (2000-2838)
Stocks & Ephemera: COLORADO-WYOMING

Day 3, Saturday, May 18th, 2019 (Lots 3000-3784)
Transportation (3000-3543)
Airplane (3000-3146)
Automobile (3147-3198)
Steamer & Railroad (3199-3543)
Wells Fargo & Express (3544-3591)
Tokens (3592-3784)
US & Foreign Brothel (3592-3729)
Geographical Sort (3730-3784)

Day 4, Sunday, May 19th, 2019 (Lots 4000-4774)
Sports Collectibles (4000-4227)
Jewelry (4228-4236)
Furniture (4237-4244)
Art (4245-4299)
Native Americana (4300-4408)
Textiles (4409-4456)
Marbles (4457-4565)
Bottles (4566-4594)
Cowboy (4595-4627)
Firearms & Weaponry (4628-4652)
Entertainment (4653-4666)
Gaming (4667-4676)
Military (4678-4687)
Minerals (4688-4774)

Day 5, Monday, May 20th, 2019 (Lots 5000-5899)
Bargains & Dealer Specials (5000-5899)
General Americana feat. Postcards & Ephemera (5000-5451)
Mining (5452-5657)
Railroad (5658-5765)
Airplane & Automobile (5766-5827)
Tokens (5828-5868)
Numismatics (5869-5899)

SHIPPING & HANDLING: Shipping and Handling cannot be estimated prior to invoicing, based on the size and weight of your purchase. All shipping is subject to a minimum charge of $19.00. If additional shipping and handling costs are required, the buyer will be reinvoiced for the balance due. Items are not shipped until the invoice is completely paid. Many buyers purchase a number of lots. Every effort will be made to include all lots in a single shipping charge calculated to cover the weight and...
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Liberty Bell Medal  (102807)3780 - Liberty Bell Medal (102807)
Holabird Western Americana Collections
38 mm medal of the one hundred year celebration of the Liberty Bell. Pictorial of Independence Hall Date: 1776-1876 City/County: Philadelphia Sta
Bidding Has Concluded
Estimates : 150.00 - 250.00
Sold to n**********x for (60.00 + 15.00) x 1 = 75.00
U S Cruiser Raleigh  (102850)3781 - U S Cruiser Raleigh (102850)
Holabird Western Americana Collections
Souvenir medal welcoming the Cruiser and unveiling of Grant Statue. Date: 1899 City/County: Philidelphia State: Pennsylvania
Bidding Has Concluded
Estimates : 80.00 - 150.00
Sold to C*******3 for (80.00 + 20.00) x 1 = 100.00
Roosevelt Political Medal  (102839)3782 - Roosevelt Political Medal (102839)
Holabird Western Americana Collections
Roosevelt 1904 Fairbanks Washington hanger medal Date: City/County: Fairbanks State: Washington
Bidding Has Concluded
Estimates : 80.00 - 150.00
Sold to 9***6 for (100.00 + 22.00) x 1 = 122.00
Bryan & Kern Political Fob  (102832)3783 - Bryan & Kern Political Fob (102832)
Holabird Western Americana Collections
Bryan & Kern, 1908, Washington. Popular Fob at the time. Date: 1908 City/County: State: Washington
Bidding Has Concluded
Estimates : 120.00 - 200.00
Sold to A*****4 for (60.00 + 15.00) x 1 = 75.00
Industrial Convention Medal  (102812)3784 - Industrial Convention Medal (102812)
Holabird Western Americana Collections
Pin back hanger souvenir medal. 55mm X35mm. Date: Oct. 2-3, 1902 City/County: Sheridan State: Wyoming
Bidding Has Concluded
Estimates : 70.00 - 150.00
Sold to f********c.. for (35.00 + 8.75) x 1 = 43.75